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Use of INDIVIDUUM® Tarot

You can use INDIVIDUUM® Tarot character cards to meditate. You can send the cards via the internet as messages and communicate with them. Often one card says more than a thousand words. Try them and see. You’ll be amazed with the result.

INDIVIDUUM® Tarot can be used to play games, e.g. poker, Skat, Rummy, Canasta, Mus, Tute, Blackjack, etc.

Individuum PDF Datei Use of INDIVIDUUM® Tarot in a standard card game

INDIVIDUUM® Tarot can be used in fortune telling, for example, tarot, but all other oracle cards, like Lenormand or Kipper cards, also have their equivalent in INDIVIDUUM® Tarot.

Individuum PDF Datei INDIVIDUUM® Tarot used in KIPPER

Individuum PDF Datei INDIVIDUUM® Tarot used in LENORMAND

Individuum PDF Datei INDIVIDUUM® Tarot used in RIDER-WAITE TAROT


INDIVIDUUM® Tarot – Path to knowledge

A short introduction to INDIVIDUUM® Tarot.

"From the moment the individual sees the light of day, it tries to find its own way and establish itself."

Since the beginning of human society, people have been interested in the origin of life and its nature.

Each human individual is a holistic, unique, universal and multi-faceted being.

The fact that the organism doesn’t function like a machine became clear with the discovery of the soul and the beginning of one’s search for life.

With the concept of four different basic characters, INDIVIDUUM® Tarot illustrates the individual combination of each character and of each body. All cards picture one of the symbols and are therefore called character cards.


Character cards – spiritual level

Character of Teeth – The Chosen One/represents CLUBS in classic card games

Character of the Brain – The Seer/represents SPADES in classic card games

Character of the Nose – The Creator/represents HEARTS in classic card games

Character of Hands – The Healer/represents DIAMONDS in classic card games

Each individual has all four of these characters.

Some people have more of one character, some more of another. Each individual continually develops in a unique way through the environment and family. There are no two same individuals. The combination and the intensity of the four different basic characters make up the specific character of the individual.

And each character has a specific quality:

The Chosen One – Enlightenment

The Seer – Prophecy

The Creator – Creation

The Healer – Healing


Character Cards – body level

The four symbols describe four basic faculties of the individual and all of his or her cells.


The Teeth

The function of this symbol for the organism is sexual drive and psyche.

The cycle of sexual drive and psyche is: Attraction, Fusion, Fulfilment, Satisfaction


The Brain

The function of this symbol for the organism is the nervous system and movement.

The cycle of the nervous system and movement is: Perception, Identification, Orientation, Movement


The Nose

The function of this symbol for the organism is breathing and circulation.

The cycle of breathing and circulation are: Inspiration, Provision, Division, Development


The Hands

The function of this symbol for the organism is digestion and metabolism.

The cycles are digestion and metabolism: Craving, Taking, Giving, Resting


Each individual has all four of these spiritual and bodily faculties within him- or herself. One person will tend more towards one kind of spirituality; another, to a different kind of spirituality. This or that function will be more pronounced in different individuals.

What is my spirituality?

Each one of us is born with one of these four spiritual faculties that is particularly pronounced:

When an individual pursues his or her born spiritual qualities and develops them during the course of life, a particularly fantastic energy can unfold. Such people free up extrasensory qualities. They fuse with the energy of the cosmos. Telekinesis, telepathy, miracle cures, clairvoyance, and so on, originate here, just to mention a few examples. We get information about our inherent spiritual aptitude from star signs, which are respectively associated with one of the symbols of the individual.

Teeth – Aries/Leo/Sagittarius – Enlightenment

Brain – Aquarius/Gemini/Libra – Prophecy

Nose – Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio – Creation

Hands – Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn – Healing

However, in but a twist of fate, the individual has the ability to change his/her fate and, depending on the characteristics of his/her own consciousness, can take on a character that contradicts fate.


The Perception Cards

Independently of the four symbols, each individual learns to recognize and describe things within the course of his/her life. Each person in their own way. In INDIVIDUUM® Tarot, we call these perceptions Perception cards.

There are 22 Perception cards, numbered from 0-21.

These cards are used in tarot and oracle fortune-telling, and correspond to the Major Arcana cards in classic tarot. See the table RIDER-WAITE tarot – INDIVIDUUM® Tarot.

The Mystique Cards

Like every card deck, INDIVIDUUM® Tarot also has jokers – a male and female joker on which each of the four characters is pictured.

The signs for male and female are depicted by the chromosomes XY and XX in the entire INDIVIDUUM® Tarot deck.

In the way a man or woman always contains a specific male or female mystique, the jokers also symbolize this mystique of man and woman with two mystique cards.

The male mystique and the female mystique. All four symbols are pictured and cancel each other out. They could represent this or that character trait, or all of them.

Do you really posses a free will? Or are your conscious actions only a drop in the ocean of unconscious processes of which you know nothing or of which you are afraid? Are you proud of your individuality and the vastness of your spirit and mind, or are you basically just a pawn to your desires, which do with you what they will? Is your fate determined by forces over which you have no control, aren’t aware of, are afraid of or misconstrue? Is there a reality that reaches far beyond our consciousness? Open all the four characters of life and let the energy run freely; embark on a fantastical journey through the liveliness of your uniqueness. You’ll be amazed at what you have within you. Find out who you are and where your strengths lie.